Apple Music (very) useful tips & tricks [2020]

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I’ve been using Apple Music for about 6 years now and i’ve got tons of useful tips & tricks to share with you all for you to make Apple’s streaming service even more worth it in 2020. I’ll be showing you all the latest features in iOS 14 in Apple Music including the listen now, widgets, live lyrics, liking and disliking songs and albums, the made for you playlists and Apple Music Replay and so much more. People think that the Spotify wrapped is exclusive to Spotify but they are wrong. You can actually use Apple Music replay to see your most listened artist. There is a clear winner here, Apple Music vs Spotify doens’t exist any more.

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Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:19 Hello There!
0:41 Soor Widgets
1:36 Listen Now
2:05 Most Listened to
2:50 Different Ways to Listen
3:15 Amazon Echo Show
3:50 Curators Tab
4:39 Expanded Artist Tab
5:14 Animated Cover Art
5:45 Edit Tab
6:15 Search Categories
6:50 Album Extras
7:25 Playlists Recommendations
7:50 My Apple Music Playlists
8:24 Up Next Tip
9:08 Essential Playlists
9:33 Search by Lyrics
10:05 When does new music release?
10:57 Alarm Song
11:29 Like/Dislike Songsaa
12:09 Apple Music Experience
12:28 Outro

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