"Artistic Hallowing" | Bendy Minecraft Animated Music Video [Song by @Victor McKnight and @DAGames]

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Rendered with FOX Renderfarm :


Song by Victor McKnight :
and DAGames :

Visuals by Cubical Animation Studios [​]

Directed and Written by Andy Gill [​]

- Layout -
Andy Gill [​]
Marcelo Aguirre []

- Animation -
Alan Patrick Júnior [​]
Andy Gill [​]
Gabriel Carmo [​]
Gabriel Moura // Joven [​]
Robert Lanning []
Taylor Gessler []
Tommaso Maurutoo []

- Modeling -
Chase Physioc [​]
James Pelter [​]
Konrad T. []
Preston Guruith []

- Lighting, Rigging, Dynamics, and Compositing-
Andy Gill [​]

Artistic Hallowing is a Bendy and the Dark Revival song created by Victor McKnight from Face Reality, and DAGames from Build our Machine and Gospel of Dismay. This is the Minecraft Animation created by Cubical / AndyBTTF. This video expands on the lore in Bendy and the Ink Machine and gives a backstory to Bendy / The Ink Demon. This is also Part 1 of the Drowning BATIM series by Cubical. Even though Security Breach is coming out in a few months, this song is Bendy, not Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF), or Undertale. No Alice Angel or Boris the Wolf in this video, sad! We hope you enjoy!
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