ASMR| Doing Your Makeup In Class| Close Whispering

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There are heavy hearts across the world at this time, and I hope this video can bring you validation, comfort, a sense of safety, and a space to just be and come as you are.
***Today’s video includes a scenario in which it's your first day of school and the girl next to you offers to help soothe your anxiety about the day while doing your makeup with whispering, hand movements, tapping, brushing, repeating words, and words of self love for you all.???? (Blue Yeti mic)

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ASMR has played such a consistent, important role in my life as I continue to take this journey of self love, and healing. I hope I can spark the light for your heart/ mind and to be gentle to your being. This is OUR journey. Tingle away and remember you're worthy of all!????????
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