Awkward Prince William Moments That Were Caught By Millions

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Ready to see some cringe-worthy moments from the King-to-be? Well, ready or not, he's continually bringing them. Here are the most awkward moments of Prince William that were caught by the press.

As any royal fan will know, the relationship between Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry, reportedly began to sour around the time Meghan Markle entered the picture. By the time Harry and Meghan had announced their departure from the royal family, things seemed to be pretty tense between the two brothers. According to the book Battle of Brothers by Robert Lacey, their relationship was left "utterly broken" by Harry's decision.

While we don't know exactly what transpired between William and Harry, we did get one glimpse into the awkwardness between them. In 2020, Harry and Meghan attended their last official royal event. When they greeted William and Kate Middleton, they were practically ignored, with William only giving his brother a brief nod. There's no doubt about it — it was an incredibly awkward moment. In fact, the person sitting next to Meghan even jumped in to cover up some of the awkwardness! Yikes.

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Brotherly snub | 0:00
Kate shrugs him off | 1:06
Bored in church | 2:02
Longing for the secret blend | 2:48
Hi, fake grandma! | 3:30
That didn't age well | 4:24
Dirty jokes | 5:12

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