Batman vs Joker Stop Motion | Hit Me ! | Dark Knight Batpod Hit And Run 배트맨 조커 스톱모션

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Hello there, hope you are well.

It’s a short film that Batman on Batpod driving towards Joker in the parking lot. A sort of recreation, or just call it a parody. If Batman really did that, nothing would have happened, as Joker wanted. What I want to say now is… just Driving Safely.

1518 photos were taken for this film. The footage comes with my very first stop-motion composition to real life.

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영화 "다크나이트"의 명장면을 살짝 각색한 배트맨과 조커 스톱모션입니다.
총 1500여장의 사진, 초당 24프레임으로 작업했습니다.
만약 배트맨이 이렇게 했다면 어땠을까...? 하는 생각이 문득 들었는데,
피규어 따로, 배경따로 찍고 하나로 합치는 과정이 쉽지않았지만
결과물이 잘 나온 것 같아 뿌듯하네요..!
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