Does THIS make you feel safe? NLCS Game 2 at Globe Life Field

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Caution tape? SERIOUSLY?! There were 10,624 fans at this game, and no one paid attention to the rules during batting practice. The game itself was another story, but it got me thinking -- is this the future of baseball?

Regardless of how this whole mess plays out, I'm glad I made the trip to Texas to see the Dodgers and Braves face off in the National League Championship Series. Globe Life Field is an impressive facility. I wish that fans had more access to various parts of the stadium, but it was great to be there and explore inside and out.

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This video was filmed on October 13, 2020 by Bill Bruning (@billbruning on Insta) and edited in part by Chris Bruning (@ichrisbtv). Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Let's get to half a million subs -- we're THIS close.
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