EVEN MORE of the Most MISUNDERSTOOD Songs in Music History

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Hey everybody! Thanks for watching this video on "EVEN MORE of the Most MISUNDERSTOOD Songs in Music History". Again, I've been into this format lately when I list a bunch of quickfire examples of something. It's a cool concept to put out a video with some quality information --- while still covering a wide array of stories. Hope you enjoyed it! In this video, we're talking about songs that are misunderstood. Whether people think they have one meaning but it means something else, or there's a hidden meaning when people didn't expect one, these are even more of the most famous examples ever. Let me know if you have any examples in the comments down below.

Fun fact / Misunderstood / Meaning / Hidden / Message / Messages / Wrong / Favorite / Hey Ya / OutKast / Can't Feel My Face / The Weeknd / Rednecks / Randy Newman / Lips of An Angel / Hinder / White Wedding / Billy Idol / Bitter Sweet Symphony / The Verve / Possession / Sarah McLachlan / No Woman No Cry / Bob Marley / Love Song / Sara Bareilles / Kids / Electric Feel / Time to Pretend / MGMT / Electric Avenue / Eddy Grant / Feel Good Inc / Gorillaz / 99 Luftballoons / Nena / Vamos a la Playa / Righeira / Don't You Want Me / The Human League / Isn't She Lovely / Stevie Wonder / Take Me to Church / Hozier / Last Christmas / Wham / Careless Whisper / George Michael / Everybody Hurts / REM / Pumped Up Kicks / Foster the People / Wake Me Up When September Ends / Green Day
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