Here's What Tiffany Trump Looks Like Underneath All That Makeup

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While most of President Donald Trump's kids are making constant headlines, his youngest daughter Tiffany Trump has kept a much lower profile over the years. And it appears there might be a few good reasons for that. For starters, she grew up in California — on the opposite side of the country, compared to the rest of the Trump siblings — having moved there with her mom, Marla Maples, after her parents divorced in 1999. She has also been busy with her studies, later graduating from Georgetown University in May 2020.

When we do see the president's youngest daughter, she's typically all glammed up for various high profile events. But while catching a glimpse of the law school grad is rare enough, spotting her without makeup is almost impossible.

With or without a full face, Tiffany is gorgeous, of course, but she looks quite a bit different when she's sporting a more natural look. She typically goes for a bold eye and modest lip — which can be seen all over her Instagram feed. And even though the public may be used to seeing Tiffany wearing a full face of makeup, she certainly doesn't need a ton of product to look absolutely stunning. Even from just a quick snap, it's evident that she either has a killer skincare routine, or she has been blessed with her mother's naturally glowing skin. Maybe both.

But back in 2015, Tiffany stripped everything off her face for a video art project titled Confessional, by photographer Scott Nathan. The piece was part of a series featuring more than 100 other women, including Tiffany's mom, Marla Maples.

Nathan described Tiffany and her mother as, quote, "kind" and "down to earth," and revealed that Tiffany was actually the one who reached out to him about a collaboration. She contacted him as a fan of his work, and the two quickly struck up a friendship.

But even though she, of course, shares the Trump family name, Tiffany doesn't appear to have the same kind of beauty budget as her older sister Ivanka. Nathan revealed to the outlet that Tiffany didn't even have an outfit to wear to the 2016 Republican National Convention and couldn't find anyone to make her a dress, with one designer calling her, quote, "radioactive."

While Tiffany is estimated to be worth roughly $10 million, according to reports, she doesn't seem to have any liquid assets to put toward hair or makeup. She and her mom even made headlines in 2017 after they asked hair stylist, Tricia Kelly, to do their Inauguration Day looks for, quote, "exposure." The Washington Post reported that Maples' assistant claimed the duo had just $300 budgeted for their glam squad. While Kelly's rate is usually much higher, she eventually agreed to $200, with an additional $150 going to a makeup artist. That was when Kelly was asked to work for free, for exposure on Maples' social media.

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