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Never been so excited to share a project with you guys! Here's my collaboration with Carly and Martina on their new song, "Your Song"!! I had such a blast bringing this song to life as a painting and I hope you guys liked seeing the creative process!

Check out Carly and Martina's new album called "Are You Listening" out everywhere!!

"Your Song" Music Video:

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“Your Song” (Inspired by the single, “Your Song”, by Carly and Martina). Acrylic on paper, ” x 28”. When I first listened to “Your Song” by Carly and Martina, the emotion I felt most deeply was nostalgia. To dig into that word and communicate it visually was an exciting challenge. I envisioned a young girl listening to music in bed, when suddenly a certain song reminds her of someone she once loved. Through the melody and lyrics flood the memories of the times they shared. The transition from pink to blue symbolizes the contrast between solitude and togetherness as she reminisces on a night of stargazing. Likewise, the transition of the night sky above the two figures into fairy lights and glow in the dark stars reveal the beautiful truth of any relationship. That even though they sometimes fail and people move on from each other, love does not wither. The joy of the moments they once shared persist, and the love they had for each other will live on in their hearts. While this character may have lost someone she loved, she continues to carry them with her as represented by the stars around her room. Carly and Martina have been an absolute pleasure to work with. It is not very often an artist is granted full creative freedom on a project, but thanks to their faith in me I was able to bring my vision of their song to life.
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