INSANE ICON - The Story of "Joker" Sting

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When Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrived in TNA, they were brought in as both producers and on-screen talent. The Hogan vs Sting rivalry from WCW was eventually continued in TNA with Hogan as the heel once again and Sting as the good guy. Through this rivalry and another feud with Mr. Anderson, Sting would once again revamp his wrestling character, and Impact Wrestling would become the home of "The Insane Icon", also known as "Joker" Sting to fans of TNA.

What's so notable about the Joker Sting era is that although it contained some of Sting's very best work, not that many people actually saw it. TNA and Impact Wrestling had lost a lot of momentum since the Hogan and Bischoff takeover, fans were tuning into WWE progamming from 2010 onwards, but faithful TNA fans will tell you how good this version of Sting truly was.

00:00 - The Hulk Hogan / Bischoff TNA era
02:36 - Rob Van Dam / Mr. Anderson / Sting Rivalry
07:33 - Mr. Anderson impersonates Sting
13:18 - Sting snaps at Mr. Anderson and Hulk Hogan
17:58 - The Insane Icon enters the Impact Zone
23:02 - The Midsummer Nightmare
- Much More!

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