JEE Main 2020 | Apurv Prince's Journey from 39 to 99 %ile - #eSaral

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JEE Main Preparation Tips include proper time management, completely revising the syllabus, studying from the right books as well as from right source. eSaral has given all the students the right source of studying that a number of students are taking advantages of it. Today, we at eSaral brings you an inspirational story of a student from Jharkhand named Apurv Prince.

Apurv Prince (Deoghar, Jharkhand), who has scored 99%le in JEE Main 2020 September attempt got only 39%le in January attempt. So, what made this story most amazing, what made him get 99%le, and what is the source of motivation for him, to know his journey from 39 to 99%le, watch the full story of Apurv Prince.

eSaral always gain Love, Support and Energy from their students. We congratulate Apurv Prince for achieving this milestone. Also, we promise that, at eSaral, we will be providing the best study material to all our learners.

Click on the Time Links to Jump to the Particular Section of the Video ????:
0:04 Apurv Prince's Journey Glimpses
0:35 eSaral Congratulates Apurv Prince
1:39 Apurv's Journey till January Attempt
3:11 Apurv shifts to Kota.
4:43 The reaction of people when he got only 39%ile in January attempt.
6:44 What decision he made then?
9:51 How he convinced his parents for learning with eSaral?
10:52 How many hours did Apurv study on an average?
11:34 How did Apurv study for JEE Main 2020?
14:01 How did Apurv prepare his weak chapters and topics?
15:53 Journey from Demotivation to Motivation.
19:49 Dealing with Mental Pressure.
21:52 Talk with Apurv's Parants.

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