LEGO Ghostbusters Afterlife - AMAZING LEAKS!!

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LEGO Ghostbusters Afterlife - AMAZING LEAKS!!

Could the Lego Ghostbusters rumours be true? Five new sets to be released in November 2021 alongside the new Hasbro toys when the Film releases.
Details Leaked on by a Stock Purchaser and Hasbro marketing staff have revealed Five sets including a system scale Ecto 1, Spengler Farmstead and Barn, Shandor Mine Shaft & Gozers Temple, New York Firehouse HQ Battle, and a large buildable figure, possibly Muncher/Slimer/Mr Stay Puft?

These are set rumours but the evidence does corroborate with other plot leaks already known about the film from reddit posts and other websites. See the following:

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