Lego Jurassic World. Dinosaur Attack

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Lego Jurassic World. Dinosaur attack
Probably everyone has already looked, the Film - jurassic world 2 - Evolution
And we decided to create a new Lego stop motion animation about dinosaurs
The Jurassic world on the PL Movie channel
We created a lego stop motion animation for the jurassic world 2 Evolution. Lego Indominus rex vs Lego indoraptor. Lego dinosaurs is the continuation of a mini movie about LEGO dinosaurs. Dinosaurs from the world of the Jurassic period. You can See the dinosaur battle in this series. stygimoloch vs raptor, Karnatavr vs Indominus rex and other dinosaur battles.
This lego stop motion animation was made not about the movie of the Jurassic world films. This is my fantasy on this film in LEGO. Continuation of this story, you can see in the near future on the PL MOVIE channel. indoraptor vs indominus rex
???? Enjoy watching. )
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