LEGO ZOMBIE DAY OF THE DEAD Episode 14 Stop Motion Animation

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The small group of people were trying to survive while the outbreak was spreading fast and people were turning into zombies.
They managed to find a cure despite the infected lifeforms and other threads. But the research facility they went was captured by the zombies.
Virus was developed by a company and mutated to create a new generation of zombies. They left those new species into to research facility to test their power.
Now sit back and take a deep breath.
Brickslook Studio Zombie Series continues with "Lego Zombie Day of the Dead Episode 14 Stop Motion Animation".
Have a good time.

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- Sound effects obtained from
- Music by Jason Shaw (Audionautix)
- Music by Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License

Created by Brickslook Studio.
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