New Makeup Releases | JUST STOP PLEASE! #171

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Babes it's time for this weeks New Makeup Releases! This is the weekly series where I discuss new makeup releases and if I am planning to put them on my wishlist or nah. This text does contain links and when affiliated/adlinks they are marked with a *

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Colourpop x Malibu Barbie

Makeup Geek New VERY (!!) Exciting Release - coming
code ANGESCHKA (affiliated)

Urban Decay x Prince - $55 each for the palettes, coming May 27th

Touch of Glam Lucid Lavender - pre-order open now
code ANGESCHKA (affiliated)

Natasha Denona Zendo Eyeshadow Palette - $65
US: *
Cult Beauty: *

Clionadh x @Emily Violet Marie - coming soon

Adept Cosmetics Kodanne Palette - coming soon

Melt Cosmetics NoOds NoOds NoOds Collection - $22

Tarte HydroFlex Serum Foundation - $39

Victoria Beckham Beauty Matte Bronzing Brick - $58

Dose of Colors x @Nyma Tang - $49 per set

Beauty Bay *

Jouer Cosmetics French Riviera Collection - coming May 18th
Beautylish *
Beauty Bay *

Glamlite Red Velvet Cupcake Palette - coming May 21st
code ANGESCHKA (affiliated)

RELOVE by Makeup Revolution - nobody cares
if you for some reason still wanna get it: *

HipDot x Clueless - $24/$26/$32

VE Cosmetics The Lovers Eyeshadow Palette - £28

Ciate London x Edna Mode - $15/$18/$35
Might come to Sephora: *

Dragun Beauty Late Bloomer Collection - $12/$18

Beauty Bay *

Half Caked Makeup Snack Pack Palette - $18

BH Cosmetics Say It 9pan Palettes - $15 each
BH US: *
BH Germany:



For any business inquiries | angelicanyqvist@

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♡Juvias Place - *
♡September Rose *

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♡SIGMA Beauty - *
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♡Game Beauty*
♡Pinky Rose Cosmetics *
♡OPV Beauty *
♡Love Luxe Beauty *

♡Devinah Cosmetics - ANGESCHKA20 for 20% off *
♡Touch of Glam - ANGESCHKA15 for 15% off *
♡Clionadh - ANGESCHKA10 for 10% off (non-affiliated)

The opinions stated in my videos are always 100 % my own, regardless of if I was sent the products or bought them with my own money. I would never try to sell you something I did not like! I will always be open about when I get things sent to me and what I think about them. And never be afraid to ask! Links marked with * are affiliated and some codes are marked as affiliated. I get a small commission when you decide to use an affiliated code/link. If you don't feel comfortable with that just don't use them! ♡
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