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The song that propelled an artist to iconic superstardom began with an Eleventh Hour phone call from a newbie film director, and highlighted a surprise box office blockbuster in the theaters.
The story of Prince’s first number one hit, When Doves Cry from his legendary album Purple Rain. NEXT on Professor of Rock.

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Although Prince had never acted in a movie, he wanted to jump into untested waters and make a BIG splash. Prince was to play the part of ’The Kid’, a talented, yet troubled singer growing up in a dysfunctional family, with a contemptuous relationship with his father who physically batters his mother.

’The Kid’ loses his love, played by Vanity 6 star Apollonia, to his rival, portrayed by Morris Day from Morris Day & The Time.
Purple Rain was conceived as a cinematic vehicle to showcase the brilliance of Prince- essentially breaking him into worldwide super stardom.

The film was to be directed by first time director Albert Magnoli.
Amazingly, Prior to Purple Rain, Magnoli only had one acclaimed short film to his credit that he shot as a film student. Magnoli & William Blinn took notes from Prince for several months to write the screenplay for Purple Rain.

Prince had finished what he thought was ALL the music that was needed for Purple Rain, but Magnoli surprised him with an urgent phone call asking Prince to compose one more song that would match an important montage in the movie that intersected the protagonist's parental difficulties and a troubling love affair. We’ve talked the last few days about history being different depending on who’s eyes were seeing it through. One story is that Albert Magnoli request the song, another is suggested in the definitive book about this period, Diane Tudahl’s Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions.

She talks about how Prince was nominated for several grammy awards in 1983 for 1999 and lost both to Michael Jackson Thriller and that Prince, potentially humbled by the loss, the next few days in that period of time, that Prince could possibly have been inspired to work on something more introspective and that might’ve been a catalyst to work on what many consider to be the most personal song of his career.
This was in early So apparently, Prince quickly tapped into another dimension of creativity that few mortals had access to. As we all are aware, he was otherworldly. A genius on levels even geniuses marvel at…

Prince had remarkably finished two songs to present to Magnoli.
One of the songs was a track Prince was particularly proud of called “When Doves Cry. “When Doves Cry” is a metaphor for the disruption of the tranquility & harmony of love. A dove being a symbol of peace. When two people fight with each other, it disturbs that peace, and that is when doves cry- with a soft lamenting coo.
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