SCP - 033 | The Missing Number (SCP Orientation)

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SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation.

Today we will be studying item number SCP-033: The Missing Number, Object class: Euclid.

Note: A debriefing of Prof. Hutchinson after his first observation of SCP-033 has been added to this report for further clarification

SCP-033 appears as a field of complex mathematical symbols ranging from simple layman-identifiable representations to those only interpretable by highly-trained mathematicians. As all modern mathematical calculations are performed lacking the knowledge or use of SCP-033, its introduction into any system organized without it begins eroding the numerical and eventually structural integrity of said system.

“Imagine if all our technology was based on the belief that after 4 came 6. We simply didn't know or conceive of 5. That is, in essence, what this formula proves—we missed a number.” -Prof. Hutchinson

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