SCP-082 | "Fernand" the Cannibal (SCP Orientation)

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SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation.

Today we will be studying item number SCP-082: "Fernand" the Cannibal, Object class: Euclid.

SCP-082 is genetically human; however, through some process SCP-082 has grown to giant proportions. Subject is both overweight and possesses a great amount of muscle mass. Most X-rays have been difficult to interpret because of the high density of its muscle tissue, but scans have revealed countless bullets and even several knife and sword blades lodged in SCP-082's flesh.
SCP-082 refers to itself as Fernand and speaks fluent French and heavily accented English. When it speaks, it does so through enormous, clenched teeth. SCP-082 only parts teeth to eat food and to sing. Occasionally, SCP-082 will clench its teeth so hard that the gums bleed, but it is not known why. This is considered normal.

Proceed to begin your training.

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