SCP-1733 Season Opener (SCP Animation)

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Exposed: SCP Animation of safe class subject SCP-1733 aka Season Opener.
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SCP-1733 is a digital recording of the 2010-2011 NBA season opening game played at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on 26th October 2010 between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Agents monitoring social networking sites were alerted to SCP-1733 when a Boston native complained in a Facebook thread on 27th October about a technical foul in the third quarter involving players Ray Allen and Chris Bosh that never occurred in the original broadcast. When confronted, he uploaded the relevant segment much to the confusion of the other people in the chat. Foundation agents embedded in Facebook's moderator team deleted the thread and procured the IP addresses of all individuals present at the chat at this time to locate and administer Class-A amnestics. The Motorola brand DVR containing SCP-1733 was recovered for study.

The DVR containing SCP-1733 is to be kept in a secure video archive. Playback of SCP-1733 is strictly forbidden unless required for research and personnel must contact Dr. Geller for permission to study it.

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