SCP-1861 The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer Part 2 (SCP Animation)

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Exposed: SCP Animation with part 2 of Keter class object SCP-1861 aka The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer
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SCP-1861 is a phenomena in which a certain location on the globe is suddenly struck by a heavy fog and rain consisting of seawater, human bones, and blood. Whenever this phenomena occurs, a vessel appears at the exact same time and location, submerging out of any body of water that is capable of holding its surface area, be it a swimming pool, puddle or lake. From this vessel, known as SCP-1861-A, figures dressed in deep diving gear emerge - these are the instances of SCP-1861-B. These instances’ primary goal seems to be to convince other humans to join them in the vessel. However, Foundation personnel realize this would only surely result in death for those individuals.

Numerous attempts have been made by the Foundation to obtain information from these instances. On the 21st of February, another SCP-1861 sighting occurred, and a team of D-class units were sent out to interview instances of SCP-1861-B.

This video, being derived from written by PeppersGhost, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike
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