SCP-4503 | The Infinite Pasta Pot | Safe (Keter?) | Food SCP

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I know SCP-4503 is saving us a fortune in food costs, but seriously, can we actually have a menu that doesn't have pasta in it? I'm already starting to get sick of the stuff!

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SCP-4503 was written by Spoon Of Evil - see their author page here:

This SCP was written long ago, archived, then re-added to the main list at a much later time. Hence the "old" writing style.

There is a great addendum attached to 4503 that did not make this video. You can read it here:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Pasta boiling stock footage by TTG Stock Footage:
Ambient Music by ThrillShowX:
TV Color Bars by Joe Jabon:
VHS Blue screen by MrTitanosaurus:
Revox Tape Deck Video by Matse Wunderlich:

Read the full SCP-4503 article here:

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SCP-4503 | The Infinite Pasta Pot | Safe (Keter?) | Food SCP

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