Sooraj Santhosh Ft You | Aalayal Thara Veno? | ആലായാൽ തറ വേണോ ? ( Official Music Video)

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Aalayal Thara Venam is a seemingly harmless song we all grew up listening to. But there are so many things wrong with it, at so many levels. Along with Shruthi Sharanyam, I have broken down the old song and restructured it. We are questioning every stereotype and every ‘truth’ that has been passed down blindly through generations. Let’s sow the seeds of a new rebellion that asks questions instead of silently accepting whatever is told to us.

Music Credits :
Vocal & Kazoo - Sooraj Santhosh
Lyrics -Shruthi Sharanyam, Sooraj Santhosh
Keys and Music Produced by Joe Johnson
Guitar - Durwin Dsouza
Bass - Joel Varghese
Drums - Akhil Babu
Backing Vocals - Rithu Vysakh, Benjy Joseph Abraham, Varkey
Mixed by Varkey
Mastered by Steve Fallone, Sterling Sound
Recording studios :
Varkey's Station, Trivandrum
My studio, Cochin.

Video Credits:
Concept and Direction - Goutham Soorya
Cinematography - Syamaprakash MS
Editing - Malavika VN
Associate Director - Rahul Kumar
DI Studio - D Cloud Creations
DI Colorist - Sreedhar V Nair
DI Confirmist & Editor - Manu Madhav
DI Line Producer - Neeraj Kumar
Grooves - Deepak Murali, Rap Ruddys

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