The Truth About Prince Harry And Chelsy Davy

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It was once thought that Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend, could become a part of the royal family. Although Harry ultimately found love again with Meghan Markle, here's the truth about Prince Harry's relationship with his first love, Chelsy Davy.

Like his brother Prince William and countless other British teens before him, Prince Harry chose to take a gap year before continuing his education. After finishing his studies at Eton in 2003, Prince Harry reportedly spent the first part of his gap year in Australia working as a cowboy on a cattle ranch. However, according to the book Harry: Conversations with the Prince, Harry's period in Australia was not the fun and relaxing time away from the limelight he may have been expecting. After a couple of months in Australia, Harry traveled to South Africa, which is where his relationship with Chelsy Davy began.

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl's book William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls, Prince Harry's time in South Africa was largely spent doing charity work. However, he took a handful of trips to Cape Town in 2004, where he met up with Davy again after the two originally met through a mutual friend in England.

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