TIMELAPSE: Star Wars Zombie Apocalypse MOC Death Troopers Star Destroyer LEGO MOC Blackwing

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Hello there! Today I’m very excited to share with you the TIMELAPSE of my LEGO Star Wars Death Troopers/ Zombie Apocalypse LEGO MOC aka “Project Blackwing” inspired by the Legends Death Troopers Novel. The MOC was primarily built for BrickzLab's collaboration, check out the full story and other MOCs on their Instagram:

This video was a ton of work so please do me a favour, give it a like and share it around, would really appreciate that. Also don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to stay tuned for everything that's coming. MOC contest results should be out next week.

Check out the original cinematic showcase video here:

Follow me here for behinds the scenes:

The AMAZING Evan King:
Metro City, Okami, Tethys

YouTube Music: Open the box, Geographer Synth Wind, After all

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