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Today we synthesize Lego Zombie Complication. Hope you have enjoyed the time to see this series.
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★★★ About REO BrickFilm:
Hi, everyone!REO BrickFilm is lego stop motion compilation channel. Each of our videos is inspired by close and humorous stories, cartoon and sarcasm. Besides, each topic such as lego city, lego story, lego zombies, lego police, lego robbery, lego prison break, lego zombie apocalypse, lego human apocalypse, lego hamster, lego swat, lego minecraft, lego is integrated in a surprising and interesting way. The channel aims for high ages of viewers from 15 above with slightly sarcastic black comedy.
All episode is made under the use of stop motion animation technique
Get ready to enjoy and Let's rising with us!

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Producer - Hari Vu
Director - Hari Vu
Scriptwriter - Quynh Huong
Creator - Duy Nguyen, Tung Thien, Quang Anh
Animator - Quy Le, Linh Nguyen, Chuyen Duong, Thu Thao
Compositor - Trang Mon, Quy Ho
System Developer - Ngoc Hong

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