VAV(브이에이브이) - 'MADE FOR TWO' Music Video

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VAV(브이에이브이) - 'MADE FOR TWO' Music Video
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- 앞으로 변함 없을 사랑의 약속을 노래 VAV 6th Mini Album MADE FOR TWO
- VAV 6th Mini Album MADE FOR TWO - KPOP과 아름다운 스칸디나비아 감성의 만남

해마다 한층 업그레이드된 음악성과 퍼포먼스를 선보이며 글로벌 한류돌로 성장한 그룹 VAV가 2020 가을 또다시 절제와 균형을 갖춘 6th Mini Album MADE FOR TWO 로 돌아왔다.

VAV의 6th Mini Album MADE FOR TWO 는 앨범과 동명의 타이틀곡 'MADE FOR TWO'와 VAV 멤버들의 자작곡들인 'Into You', 'Moto', '놓지마(Hold Tight)', 'You Taught Me Love' 등 총 5곡으로 구성되어있다.

이번 앨범은 멤버 바론의 군 입대 전 마지막 VAV 완전체 앨범으로, 전작 ‘POISON’에서 한층 업그레이드된 섬세하고 감미로운 VAV의 목소리를 담았다. 또한 수록곡 4곡이 멤버들의 자작곡으로 멤버들의 높은 곡 참여도와 폭넓은 음악 스펙트럼으로 VAV의 아티스트적인 면모가 더욱 돋보인다.

타이틀곡 'MADE FOR TWO'는 셔플 기반 리듬과 스칸디나비아 팝이 균형 있게 어우러진 신비로운 북유럽 감성의 곡이다. 이별을 앞두고 행복했던 지난 시간을 추억하고 다시 만날 그날을 기대하는 가사와 서사적이고 풍부한 멜로디의 조화가 인상적이다. 특히 'MADE FOR TWO'는 사랑하는 연인과 함께 보낸 시간, 아름다운 ‘추억’과 앞으로 어떤 시련이 다가와도 우리 둘을 위해 만들어갈 시간, 앞으로의 희망인 ‘약속’을 노래했다. 또한 "난 이 마음이 끝나지 않기를 바라", "그 눈을 뜨면 다시 우린 함께일 거야" 등 미래에 대한 바람과 확신을 표현한 가사는 연인에게 전하는 메시지인 동시에 지난 5년간 VAV와 언제 어디서나 함께했던 팬들과 VAV멤버 서로에게 전하는 메시지이기도 하다.

VAV who keep improving from each album, is going to comeback with their 6th Mini Album MADE FOR TWO on coming FALL-2020.

VAV 6th Mini Album MADE FOR TWO is having title song MADE FOR TWO, and also 4 track list composed by members which is ‘Into You’, ’Moto’, ’Hold Tight’ and ’You Taught Me Love’.

MADE FOR TWO is a mid-tempo track mixing Scandinavia with North Europe style, story-telling the memories and farewell, also promise to meet again in future. The song MADE FOR TWO not only focus on past precious memories of the lovers, but also specially focus on “promise” and “hope for future”. The song is dedicate to couples, meanwhile also represent all memories and promise between VAV and VAMPZ.

As for track list, first there’s ‘Into You’, a self-composed song from leader It’s a refreshing summer EDM track with light beat. By just listening to the song, VAV seems turning back to be a teenager who is shy facing his first love.

Next there’s ‘Moto’ from member Ayno. It is a EDM track with strong self-personality, and it has two meanings ”Motor” and ”Motto”, referring that this girl is the motto of my life. We can get to know Ayno’s motto in the music industry and of course get to know more about his composing talent too.

Member Ace contributed for the album with his song ’Hold Tight’. This track is a typical ballad song of VAV, talk about sadness between lovers during farewell. The song sounds heart breaking with piano sound and VAV’s beautiful voice.

Lastly, we have ’You Taught Me Love’ written by member Lou. This song was inspired by the movie A Star Is Born, fans can get to know more the affectionateness side of VAV throughout the song.

VAV new song MADE FOR TWO is about the sadness of a man during farewell, but he recalled all the beautiful memories and keep the faith for a reunion in future. Not like previous dark concept “POISON” album, VAV is looking fresh and young for this up-coming new album. The MV shooting took place at Jeju Island, fans will be able to see the pretty natural scenery together with VAV dance performance and acting.

This album had compiled the past 5 years of VAV, all the music and memories, also promise to meet again in future. VAV 6th Mini Album MADE FOR TWO is a precious yet meaningful album for both VAV and VAMPZ.

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