What's Come Out About Prince William's Cheating Scandal

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Since Kate Middleton met Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge hasn't been caught up in many scandals. But then In Touch floated a cover story claiming that Prince William had cheated on the duchess with her friend Rose Hanbury. Here's what's come out about Prince William's alleged cheating scandal.

While Prince William reportedly laughed off rumors of an affair, Kate was allegedly gutted, according to a tabloid report that ran in the Globe — and pretty much only the Globe, which doesn't exactly have an astounding track record of truth. Still, according to the report, the Duchess of Cambridge was allegedly so rattled by the gossip that she went to stay at her parents' home in Berkshire, where she collapsed in utter grief.

In a dramatic series of events, the Globe claimed that Middleton refused to eat and, quote, "locked herself in the bathroom while crying hysterically." Her mother reportedly barged in after an hour out of concern and found her daughter "crumbled in a heap" on the floor. She then allegedly revived the duchess and called both a doctor and Prince William, who rushed to her side — where he was promptly screamed at.

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