Will Meghan and Harry bankrupt Netflix or Prince Charles or Oprah, or all 3?

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Meghan Markle is a hungry fire pit that needs to be fuelled with money 24/7. Im glad she has got a "job" with #Netflix BUT! until she stops leeching off the British taxpayers, she will never get any peace! She planted petunias not forget-me-nots at the Lis Angeles pre school. They wore NO masks, took their cameraman etc and nobody wore masks or observed the social distancing rules. Even those schoolchildren parents were NOT allowed inside school gates at all during covid19. I just hope nobody gets ill.
Repay the british for frogmore renovation and all the jewellery and clothes we bought you, THEN and only then might we leave you alone. #MeghanVsMail #meghanmarkle #MeghanAndHarry
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